Giger's Vlad Tepes (1978)
references Wilfredo Lam's Femme (1957)?

Wifredo Lam's Femme and HR Giger's Vlad Tepes

leading from

Wifredo Lam's Femme (1957)
a) Giger took note of Wifredo Lamb's painting Femme from 1957 and reversed it incorporating shapes and forms into his painting that would become Vlad Tepes.  Lam's painting depicted one of his Picasso-esque horse women with other symbols such as the small horned head of Elegua at the top of the painting

Wifredo Lam's Femme (1957) reversed in comparison to upper left area of HR Giger's Vlad Tepes

b) The reversed rhombus shape becomes the female face on the far right

c) The reversed winged avian shape and faces

d) The spaces either side of the tassel of green fur beneath the horse head reversed become the bulging ribbed collar around the central monstrous creature. A doorway space in the background with a diagonal top becomes the suggestion of a monstrous face seen from the side, filled with tubes, connecting with the bulging ribbed collar.

e) The ribbon across the top now the right way around in the picture becomes a disc pierced with nails and the small circular Elegua face becomes the centre of the shell like coil on top of the head dress of the female face in the background.

f) The right of Lam's painting is reinterpreted again for the far right of Giger's Vlad Tepes. The diagonal top of the doorway becomes a wing. The curve beneath the horse woman's head along with what looks like the sail of a boat in the distance becomes the curve of the head of the monstrous woman whose being sodomized, the armpit becomes one of her buttocks while the shoulder becomes the other. The sphere with tendrils leading from it beneath the boat like form, that links with the shoulder of the horse woman, appears to become the vagina merged with breast of the monstrous woman. The round little horned Elegua head with its ribbed  body becomes the skull and the body of the tall dark creature

g) Giger's Vlad Tepes painting from 1978
Vlad Tepes, completed in 1978

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