Henu Barque on dress of
sculpture of unidentified
high ranking woman

Statue of a Woman with Sokar Barque, Fetish, and Figures of Osiris
Third Intermediate Period, 25th Dynasty (ca.747-664)
Copper alloy, hollow cast, with separate wig and arms (arms lost) surface of face, neck and anklets textured to hold gesso; precious metal leaf; eyes, eyebrows, and diadem formerly inlaid. H. 47cm (18.5 in.) W.24c, (9.5 in.) D. 11.6cm (4.625 in). Ägyptisches Museum and Papyrussammlung, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (2309).

Provenance: unknown: acquired by Baron Minutoli in 1820-21

A metal statue reprentation of an unidentified high ranking woman (cat no.26) now in the Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung, Berlin.  The henu barque of Sokar appears on her front torso.

(Source :Gifts for the Gods: Images 
from Egyptian Temples , p74

Drawing of Statue of a Woman (cat no.26) from
Minutoli 1824, showing evidence of ancient
patches now concealed by modern restoration.
(source Gift of the Gods , p206

Detail from statue showing Henu Barque

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