The Naqada Label

Henu-Barque like image on the The
Naqada Label dating back to the 1st
Dynasty in Egypt
"The earliest depiction of a bark resembling the Henu-bark of Sokar appears on the Naqada label of Aha. However, the boat, shown in the first register, appears to sail on water, unlike the Henu Barque which was drawn on a sledge. The device representing the kingst name which appears behind the boat holds a hoe, this group of signs may record and agricultural rite, perhaps 'ancestral to (or" (Early Dynastic Egypt: Strategies, Society and Security, p301,  Taken from Googlebooks)

The Naqada Label
drawn representaton of the hieroglyphs on the The Naqada Label

Tablet Of Menes From Naqada ( source:

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