Foss' derelict pt B

leading from 

Chris Foss' derelict no.3 
(no number has been given by the artist)
First draft storyboards for special photographic effects displays images of a Chris Foss's derelict ship no.3.  The storyboards presented in the Alien Anthology Blu-Ray set released in 2010 were put together by Ron Cobb and Chris Foss

A question that arises is whether or not the image is based on the painting that O'Bannon finally settled on from Foss design of the derelict?

a) The first image here shows a silhouette of the derelict  in the storm 
b) The second shows the derelict after the clouds have cleared and a side entrance is seen. 
c) The third shows a high angle shot looking over the top of the derelict down onto the men approaching, 

d) The fourth shows a low angle close up of the top and the curved arms bridging across , the men's point of view as the approach the vessel. 

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