Biomechanised Friedrich Kuhn photo
reveals further spectres

leading from 
HR Gigers art 

the starting point, a photograph of Friedrich Kuhn in his studio, 1972
Also found in HR Giger's Necronomicon, p54
a) Photo of Friedrick Kuhn transformed by biomechanisation into Friedrick Kuhn 1
In the original photograph of Friedrich Kuhn's studio, we see a strange seated figure and a model of a palm tree . In Friedrich Kuhn I , seated figure at the back has been erased and perhaps repainted to the left side as a humanoid with an animal roughly like a deer and the tree form has become biomechanised. To the right behind the chair, there is a mask mounted on a rectangular has become a man's face with wide circular spectacles. The easel in the background has become a sort of a crucific

 Friedrich Kuhn I (1973?) photogravure.

b)  Friedrich Kuhn photo by further biomechanisation of transformed into Friedrich Kuhn II
In the painting Friedrich Kuhn II, (1973)  Giger had turned the humanoid figure seated in the background into the biomechanoid robot outfit that he created for the movie Swiss Made, and here he further develops the image of the suit armour in the short film to become more like one of his stylised biomechanoid images and holding a phallic rod in it's visible hand. Behind the settee on the left, Giger has painted a sphinx like female biomechanoid with an elongated skull translucent skull with a pipe running along the side of it and this image would later as an idea would appear to be developed into the female biomechanoid rider in the painting Necronom V which is one of the series of paintings that inspired the final form of the Alien "big chap".  In Friedrich Kuhn II, the female has eyes and a skeletal face with a gap where the nose would be, but the eyes and face are covered over by the dome in Necronom V to make her seem blind. The mask to the right behind the settee becomes now the face of a beautiful biomechanoid woman complete with body.

Friedrich Kuhn II (1973) photogravure.

comparison between costume and figure in a detail from Friedrich Kuhn 2 painting

female figure with elongated Alien type head from Friedrich Kuhn II painting

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