WTF with Marc Maron
Alien segment from Harry Dean Stanton interview


Marc Maron: And er with Aliens, that was a huge movie

Harry Dean Stanton: yuh

Marc Maron: did you er,

Harry Dean Stanton: that was Ridley Scott

Marc Maron: yeah, did you enjoy working with him

Harry Dean Stanton: oh yeah

Marc Maron: did you, was that the first time you were on a space ship?

Harry Dean Stanton: on a what?

Marc Maron: On a space ship?

Harry Dean Stanton: yuh

Marc Maron : (chuckle)

Harry Dean Stanton: yeah, when I first interviewed... they first interviewed me, I said "I don't like horror films, or science fiction films". he said, "well actually I don't either but I think I can make something of this one"

Marc Maron: (chuckle)

Harry Dean Stanton: and I say... he showed me this big brochure, all these big coloured layouts

Marc Maron: uhuh

Harry Dean Stanton: I said, well, I said, have you guys got enough money to do this film?

Marc Maron: (chuckle)

Harry Dean Stanton: That's one reason he hired me, because I was worried about the money

Marc Maron: That guy, he thought, "He's not going to waste any film!"

Harry Dean Stanton: No

( This interview segment has been used in the Harry Dean Stanton's interview section)

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