Alien: Steve Jolliffe of Tangerine Dream
joins the Nostromo wiggeters

Rone Hone, Bill Pearson and Steve Jolliffe share a joke in the workshop -
no doubt it would have been something evil.
Steven Jolliffe is seen alone working alone at the table
(Photo credit Jon Sorensen)

Jon Sorenson: Did'nt we have a member of TANGERINE DREAM at Bray for a while? ( June 21, 2009, 02:34:44 PM)

Dennis Lowe: That's right, Steve Jollife came to work at Bray doing a bit of wiggeting. He used to be in Tangerine Dream with Edgar Frouse. ( June 21, 2009, 02:40:52 PM ») 

Jon Sorenson: That's right! Steve Joliffe, temporary wiggeter. He'd just come back from Germany recording with Edgar Froese! ( June 21, 2009, 02:43:06 PM ») 
How did they come to have Steve Joliffe paying a visit? Simon Deering worked was a stage crew member earlier that year. See: Alien: Simon Deering comes aboard

"Tangerine Dream" with Steve Jolliffe on the far right

Dennis Lowe: I've still got the best photo of him when he was out of his head in my old flat in Beaconsfield. It's a classic shot (, 21st July 2009)

Simon Deering and Neil Swann

Steve Jolliffe quietly somewhere far away
Kay, Suzanne with Steve in the background


  1. Simon Deering was part of Tangerine Dream's stage crew during their 1978 European tour

    1. Gosh is that so? He never mentioned that online, I suppose that there were many things that he didn't, but that sounds great.

    2. Yes, it's mentioned here. Perhaps he's somewhere in the video.

    3. There's either him or a lookalike in the video sitting at the keyboard. Hmm. Come on Simon, we've got you cornered again! The game is up!

    4. That might explain the Laserium t-shirt he's wearing in an old photo in Alien Makers I. Well!