The Eye Goggles of Alien Stage III version 2 inspired by Egyptian lotus plant relief?

Leading from

This creature had slanting eye goggle like stuctures as well that might bring some people to think about the Greys from extra-terrestrial abduction experiences that have shown up on the covers of
Whitley Strieber's Communion book series.

However since Giger took inspiration from Ancient Egyptian art perhaps they might generally just follow the form of Egyptian representations of leaves of Lotus flowers from murals that are sometimes confused with images of the Greys.

Close up of lotus in vase  (Source:
Representation of a lotus blossom Tomb image from a 
relief in the tomb of Ptah-Hotep, at Saqqara, Egypt, 
which dates back to the 5th Dynasty


In another relief in the same tomb depicts a man gathering
lotus blossoms as he places them in a basket,

Whitley Strieber's Communion , published in 1987

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