Alien: Chris Foss' Leviathan Sketch No.3

leading from
Chris Foss' early Nostromo concepts

a) Sketch no 3 suggests by its number that it may be a continued development of Sketch No. 2 although No2 was a near finished illustration.

 Chris Foss' Sketch of Leviathan, no.3 (courtesy of Charles Lippincott at Facebook, 1  and 2 )

from Hardware: The Definitive SF Works of Chris Foss

b) Mike Jackiw at Charles Lippincott's Facebook page offers a comparison between the 
design of this vessel that is the Earth Defense Flagship Andromeda from mid 1970s 
Japanese anime series Space Battleship Yamoto, and this can also be said about Chris Voss'
Sketch No. 2
Flagship Andromeda from 1974-75 anime series Space Battleship Yamoto

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