Alien : Ridley Scott's Early Egg silo exterior
adapted from "National Park"
in Giger's Necronomicon

leading from

a) The Egg silo based on the Castle Harkonnen

Ridley's Egg Silo sketch
Giger's Dune II Castle Harkonnen
Giger's Dune I Entrance to the Castle Harkonnen.
(See the spikes on either side of the entrance pathway 
for the egg silo leading up to the mouth in the next image)

b) Entrance of the egg silo based on a head from HR Giger's Painting "National Park"

Ridley's sketch of head on Egg Silo
A skull from Giger's painting National Park from 1975.

clearer version of the image

Giger's painting "National Park " from 1975.

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