Alien: Origins of Ridley's compacted Alien idea?

Alien up the shaft
a) Ideas from looking at Biomechanical landscape IIa, work 298
I started to think about how Ridley wanted the alien compacted, first of all in a scene where the  alien would be found in the air in the Nostromo leg interior, when Brett gets killed, and then later there was this strange alien as a box that Walter Simonson drew and talked about seeing in the viewing of the work print. On 10th of November I took a look at Biomechanical landscape IIa, work 298, and I seriously began to wonder if this somehow tied in with the leg interior with the shaft of light coming through from the ceiling and the alien folded up because there was the curled up biomechanoid form at the top left, and also another compact form in the centre that reminded me of the thing that Walter had drawn (See Biomechanical landscape ii work 298 for an examination of this work)

Giger's Rolled up biomechanoid forms in a vertical
lit shaft like chamber. Did this partially inspire the
idea of the alien rolled up? 
(biomechanical landscape IIa, work 298)
a significant rolled up biomechanoid form in the painting.

Crouching alien

Photo of crouching Alien from "Memory: The Origins of Alie"

The other significant biomechanoid form in the image,
Something of a similar shape to the thing that Walter Simonson drew

Walt Simonson's illustration of the folded up alien
b) Crouching creature
In Ridley's earlier film project Tristan and Iseult, a post-apocalyptic retelling of traditional Celtic legend, in one of his storyboards he included something that became labeled as a Froudian, loosely inspired by something he had seen in the art of Brian Froud, an illustrator much renowned for his illustrations of faeries and goblins, but this strange almost thing has its legs oddly drawn with the shoulder behind the knee,  arm coming out from below the upper bent leg with the arm and then the elbow outside of the lower leg looking almost like some living Chinese puzzle, and this would also come to reflect the idea that Ridley Scott would have for the discovery of the transformed Fifield in his later movie Prometheus. ( See also Prometheus: Fifield found rolled up)

"Froudian" (detail from image below)

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