part of Ron Shusett transcript from the Ask Mr Kern show

  1. Ron Shusett: And here's the best part of it all, Okay. we worked on his first for months, (signing off(?)) and we couldn't get,  I couldn't, er, er, by that time he was so broke he was living on my couch, and my wife was supporting both of us, two rooms, my wife and I were sleeping in the bedroom and he was sleeping on the couch, and we were just grinding our brains and saying, Dan.. "come on Ron, light up the board, I know you could help me crack this, I've seen how your mind work...., how does the alien get on board, how does he, how do they have to deal with it?" and I just, and finally I said, Dan, it's three o'clock in the morning, I'm exhausted, I said let's try again tomorrow. This is the most amazing part of it , okay, and I went to the other room and slept, and I'm positive, me, this is proof that it's not a dream, your subcon... your mind works on the problem while you're sleeping, it's just that it's in the dream state, in the sleeping state, your subconscious is freed up, because no... in about two hours I bound out of bed at five in the morning, this is absolutely true , I said "Dan, Dan, I got it, I got it, I said, "it's the solution to the whole movie", and he said "what is it? How does he get on board?" I said, "Okay, he impregnates one of the humans. " He said "what! well, how in the hell, you know, how's that going to be, an alien impregnating..." I said "yuh". Then I described this factor in some form, I don't know if I came up with eggs, I might have, some form there's some life left in it, even though it could have been there millions of years, it detects, it's translucent, you remember when we finally designed it. Anyway I pictured this crab, I said to Dan, much like you eventually saw, a crab creature with a nob, tube in it and it jumps on his face, inserts the tube in his mouth and plants its seed, and then they get it on board, the human, it's blocked out, they can't, the autodock can't see, they obviously realised, they said, keep him alive and we don't know it's a, there's something growing there, we can't tell, 'cause there's an inky substance that like an octopus gives, and then I said well "Dan, what happens by this way, you'll have a human giving birth to an alien" and the first thought was that we'll operate on him and take him out and Dan said "No, No, what happens is that he doesn't have to operate, in the middle of the movie he comes bursting out of his chest", and we both looked at each other in mutual horror of what we created and right then we knew the whole script would be finished and it would be everything we wanted it to be, that among everything, a sort of collaboration between once I came up with impregnating and I said to Dan, no one, "you ask how he gets on board and nobody's seen a moment like that in science fiction history Dan", we both held our mi... and that turned out to be the making of our careers that moment, in three months from that moment we had the script ready and it all lived up to that first twenty nine pages. (Ask Mr Kern show October 27th 2012 Part1 , 17mins in,., )

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