Gleeson's "Cape Carnivoral" references Giger's Mordor VI ?

leading from
James Gleeson 

Giger's Mordor VI and James Gleeson's Cape Carnivoral 1985

a) Connecting Cape Carnivoral with Giger's Mordor VI
On 10th of April 2015, painter Leo Plaw posted a link to a Facebook page Fantastic Art in the same thread dealing with Gleeson's "The Sower" with  more photos of paintings by James Gleeson, and I suddenly came to a painting Cave Carnivoral and suddenly something rang with my mind, it shared shapes and forms with Giger's work and then I suddenly realised that it was Mordor IV because of the row of teet cups from Giger's painting and this contained a similar row of shapes, connected to a similar semi-phallic form.

Giger's Mordor VII
James Gleeson's Cape Carnivoral 1985

b) Points of comparison
In Giger's painting, the teet cups are connected to the body of a biomechanoid creature which is derived from the idea of a mythological bishop-fish opened up like a pipe with a strange almost sausage like phallic form snaking along and entering a hole, and Gleeson's painting has a similar phallic form in that part. Giger was inspired by the row of kittens suckling from a long necked feline from a Kubin illustration. Making the connection enabled me to say that the rest was there although included by Gleeson without it having to precisely match up with Giger's work, notably a phallic shape, limbs and the buttocks

Points of comparison

row of teet cups and similar forms in Gleeson's painting

hands of bishop-fish in Giger's painting and similar but abstract angular and curved forms in Gleeson's painting

Buttocks like form in Giger's painting and similar but divided version in Gleeson's painting

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