Untitled drawing (1985) by HR Giger

leading from
HR Giger's art

Drawing by HR Giger

a) Echoes of Alien Monster III and Alien Life Cycle Hieroglyphics

In the image, the impression of an insect eye could perhaps just be a central point in a warped mirror with the ripples turning into worm and serpent like forms much as a suggestion of the serpentine form that appears in Giger’s Alien Monster III.

The boat shapes across the ladder transform into cow horns.

Perhaps reminiscent of drawings for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but the heads are likely to transform into things less identifiable.

A floating midget devil holds and eyeball in his hand.

(See: Alien Monster III, (1978))

Elements from Giger's painting Alien Monster III enter the drawing as a source of reference.

Sausage skin lemures enter the drawing at the top left instead their position at the right in Alien Monster III.

The support structure on the right becomes a vice.

Suggestions of phallic and big head like forms with pincer mouth and the wing turning into a beaked form.
A leg of the Egyptian goddess Nut from Alien Hieroglyphs on the left transforms into slide .

A big nosed gnome sits along the bottom, is he travelling along a slide?

b)  Echoes in Mugwumps from David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch?

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