The Alien Queen and Terry Gilliam's Giant Samurai?

leading from
giant metal Samurai with flags and fan of blades sticking out from its back

Alien queen suspended by a fan of elongated resinous supports (

Alien Queen displaying six back spokes

Myself having made the connection between Cameron's Alien Queen and HR Giger's The Spell with its transformed Japanese imagery, on 30th July 2014,  I am asking myself if Cameron recognised the Japanese influence there and took the sides of the Alien Queen head curving downwards slightly in the manner of a samurai helmet and added the spikes on the back in the manner of flag poles stuck on the back of the giant samurai as in Terry Gilliam's Brazil which was released back in 1985. No one is expecting the influences particularly obvious on the screen.

close up of the head of the Samurai, the demonic angry face is on top of the helmet.

Aliens' alien queen puppet (

Armor of domaru type.  With black leather lacing in katatsumadori style.

(source Tokyo National Museum

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