Alien 3: Giger's Alien 3 beast version 1

a) Four legged Alien beast

One might ask questionsd about what Giger had in mind when he started. 

Did he try to envisage an alien beast that had erupted from an Ox and so taken on some of those features, or was it supposed to be non specially like any old four legged beast

an earlier sketch (1990) by HR Giger (source:gigercollector/)
Small detail from above sketch

Alien 3 sketch (31st July 1990) by HR Giger
b) Need for a feline beast
David Fincher wanted an Alien that was faster and more graceful, he also wanted it to look like a Jaguar or a Puma, taking the idea of a clip he directed for Madonna.
Giger welcomed the opportunity to make improvements to his original design. 
He had a go at drawing the creature that Fincher wanted, but that resulting beast Fincher thought looked too much like a lion

In the notes Giger wrote that it may be too fat

earlier design for Alien 3 beast (Sketch no 40)(6th August 1990?) by HR Giger

detail of earlier design for Alien 3 beast seen above

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