Stephen King seen watching Alien 3

leading from

Dave Barry, a humour columnist and musician was practising with a band for which he was lead guitar and Stephen King was rhythm guitarist.

One of the evenings, they went to see Alien 3.

It got to a point where in the movie Clemens was going to inject Ripley using a hypodermic needle that looked to him about 27 feet long on the screen.

This caused Dave to whimper and be on the verge of clutching King, but King himself was whimpering away while clutching wife, Tabitha
  1. Dave Barry: In the evenings, we engaged in literary activities such as going to see the movie ``Alien 3.`` I was concerned about this, because when I watch  horror movies I tend to whimper and clutch the person sitting next to me, who in this particular case was Stephen King. But as it turned out, the alien didn`t scare me at all; I live in Miami, and we have cockroaches that are at least that size, but more aggressive. The only scary part was when Sigourney Weaver got injected with a hypodermic needle, which on the movie screen was approximately 27 feet long. This caused me to whimper and clutch Stephen King, but I was pleased to note that he was whimpering and clutching his wife, Tabitha. (

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