Alien Resurrection:
The Viper's pit and the fleshscape
from Brainstorm

An interesting comparison is one of the unused intended fleshscape for the movie Brainstorm shown in Cinefex magazine #14 , October 1983 which has a sphincter in the centre that spews out calf brains. Cinefex of course is a top magazine dealing with cinema special effects.

Source quote
  1. From Brainstorm: a giant sphincter-like construct which erupted with calves brains produced an image that was so disturbing and graphic that Trumbull cut it from the film after previewaudiences reacted to strongly to it. Around the side, the piece has been decorated with animal jaws, perhaps from cows. (Cinefex 14: p42-43)
The Viper Pit foam sculpture from Alien Resurrection

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