Alien Resurrection; Influence from Dark Horse Alien comics?

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a) 29th of June 2015, Ed Arent in his posts at Weyland-Yutani bulletin shared some images showing comparable images between the Dark Horse Alien comic books and the Alien Resurrection movie.

b) In a story in Dark Horse's Second volume of comic book stories, the Aliens sacrifice one of their own to use the acid blood to escape.

The Aliens perform a similar escape in the Alien: Resurrection movie to escape from a holding cell

(See Weyland-Yutani bulletin at for Ed's original post)

c) In Dark Horse's first volume of comic book stories, a Facehugger victim pulls another person onto himself as the chestburster is about to emerge killing them both.

A similar death took place in Alien Resurrection, Doctor Wren is killed when the character Larry Purvis suffers a chestburst and holds Doctor Wren's head against his chest as it happen.

(See Weylan-Yutani bulletin at for Ed's original post)

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