Alien Resurrection leads to Chris Cunningham's
"Africa Shox" music video

leading from

a) In the 1997 film Alien Resurrection, an armed soldier who was a black man aboard the Auriga goes to investigate the acid eaten hole in the floor in the cell where Dr Gediman has been pulled down through by the aliens.  One he is in there, the aliens push the button to spray his with liquid nitrogen gas and his skin and flesh freezes, his arm sticks to the wall, his arm breaks in half and he is left with an arm stump. The cinematography as we know was by Darius Khondji

b) Two years later in 1999, Chris Cunningham, one of the star concept designers for Alien Resurrection who was also a famous music video director at the time directed a video for the track "Africa Shox" Left Field with Africa Bambaata, and on this video collaborated with Darius Kondji. The video featured an ill looking black man reaching out for help, and then he his arm falls off and is revealed to be hollow and brittle and so he is left with a hollow stump , then he shatters a foot and is left with a hollow leg stump, and later falls over, soon he hops onto the road and is then hit by a car and is smashed into pieces.

c) Having seen the scene where the soldier with his arm breaking off due to being sprayed with liquid nitrogen in Alien Resurrection, it seems obvious where the seed of the idea for the Africa Shox video came from.

1. Stills from Alien Resurrection (1997)

2. Stills from the "Africa Shox" music video by Chris Cunningham (1999)


  1. Whatever great video and no aliens there

  2. Probably a pity that there wasn't an alien in there. Well never mind!

  3. Good observation. Fuck the two previous comments posted by idiot dumb shits.

  4. Oh well, whatever can be said, if there was a point in time when Chris Cunningham could have made some sort of an Alien movie, even a short one, people might have been interested, since he did some wonderful alien drawings and sculptures.