Alien Resurrection: No Marc Caro alien

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a) ADI already have it
ADI were informed by the producers at Fox that they only came to them to do number four , and no one else.

There was a lot of confidence, based upon what they had done before, that they would deliver again.

b) Caro urges
Marc Caro has worked on films with Jean-Pierre Jeunet as co-director and production designer, as well as an illustrator for the French comic book Metal Hurlant with his images of strange, exaggerated and grotesque humans,

The hot question might have been for many about what Marc Caro would have come up with for a new alien creature.

Alas the dream fell away.

Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (source:

c) Asking on behalf of Caro
Caro would have liked to have designed a new alien, and Jeunet even had the idea of getting him to design the new alien creatures.

However  there was no chance,  since ADI were already on board

Jeunet was told "No, they already have it"

He simply went ahead and used them.

Quote sources
  1. FT : Jeunet est en train de mettre la dernière touche à Alien Resurection. Vous auriez aimé participé au projet?(translation). FT : Jeunet is putting the finishing touches on Alien Resurection . You would have liked participated in the project ?
    Caro : Jean-Pierre me l’a proposé, mais le problème avec Alien, c’est que pratiquement tout existe déjà. Alors, bien sûr, il y a toujours moyen de créer quelques nouveaux trucs. J’aurais bien aimé faire le monstre, mais on m’a dit : “Non! Ça, on l’a déjà!( Caro : Jean-Pierre suggested me it, but the problem with Alien, is that almost everything already exists. Then, of course, there are always way to create some new tricks. I would have liked to make the monster, but I was told: "no! This, they already have it!"
  2. Tom Woodruff: We were told by the producers at Fox that they came to us and only us to do Number four. Luckily, when they hired director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, he didn't want to replace us either. I believe there was a lot of confidence, based on what we had done before, that we would deliver again. (Fangoria #170, p27)

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