Were Pablo Gargallo's horse sculptures
referenced in Salvador Dali's Autumnal Cannibalism?

leading from

Top left: Gargallo's "Urano", (1933)
bottom left: Gargallo's "Petit cheval de cirque " (1932).
Right: Salvador Dali's "Autumnal Cannibalism" (1936)

In an issue of Tate Magazine around August 2001, Jason Rosenthal revealed a previously unacknowledged source for Dali's iconic painting 'Autumnal Cannibalism' as being Pablo Gargallo's bronze sculpture "Urano", however the body itself look so directly like the form of the horse that was buried in Dali's painting.

On Jan 17th 2014 I found an image of Gargallo's "Petit cheval de cirque " which when it has parts of it mixed with parts of "Urano". The back leg and lower part of the stomach seemed to have lended themselves much more openly to Dali's needs

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