Alien vs Predator:
Patrick Tatopoulos' concept art for an Alien Queen

leading from

a) Encountering Tatopoulos' Alien Queen
Patrick Tatopoulos' Alien Queen is shown hanging from chains inside the pyramid. This is the egg laying chamber and perhaps this is merged with thoughts about the filming of the scene in Alien where Brett is killed. The performer in the suit is hanging from ropes amidst the hanging chains as light comes down the shaft. Perhaps this Alien Queen with it's delta wing shaped crest and smaller wings near to the front of the head resembles a strange jet fighter suspended by chains in the air. sprouting all sorts of appendages. This is surely a merging of the London dungeon and an aircraft museum for prehistoric jetfighters from hell


b) Alien Queen on the verge of transforming into a canard winged jet fighter
Perhaps Patrick took inspiration from one of a number of jet fighters with a typical delta wing jet aircraft but it also has the smaller fore-wings near the front which appear to show up on his Alien Queen's head as something on the very of aiding flight. In the original design of the queen's head, these structures are there but in a less prominent form.

The French Dassault Rafale jet fighter (

Saab 37 Viggen,

XB-70 Valkyrie

c) Alien Queen in the snow
The alien queens backpipes reveal themselves to be like limbs in themselves as the stick out to the side, not capable of much but potentially could grow into something. In the final painting, the alien warriors are seen as long limbed entities running on all fours but what he might have shown of them in a much more detailed study is another different question, and the final film had only several alien warriors running around the pyramid complex where they would be killed

sketches for alien warriors in the background

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