Alien vs Predator:
Constantine Sekeris' sketches for Alien warriors

Leading from

Edge FX Alien Warrior concepts
a. This original pencil design was also by Constantine Sekeris for Steve Johnson's Edge FX bid to do the creature suits for AVP. This is another sketch for a proposed Alien Warrior. , measures 17 x 14 inch.

The first sketch here shows a fairly abstract variant on the idea of an alien warrior creature, with this entity's head ending as a sharp point it has no tail but has two long tentacles sprout from his back, the tentacle on the right displays finger like appendages extending from the tip.

AVP concept sketch

AVP concept sketch detail

b. For these pictures by Constantine Sekeris. original sketches was scanned and coloured digitally so physical images of this art only exist as printouts.  Measure 13 x 19 inch.  The creature in the first completed sketch has strangely elongated middle digits that seem to recall the over sized fingers of the alien warriors in Alien Vs Predator

initial sketch of alien warrior (shared at

completed illustration of alien warrior
AVP Alien Warrior detail
AVP Alien warrior concept
AVP Alien Warrior detail

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