The Resurrection of Ripley

leading from: Alien Resurrection

a) Alien 3 had been filmed, Ripley has died. How can another Alien movie starring Sigourney Weaver as Ripley go on?

b) David Giler remained optimistic that a way for Ripley to be brought back could be written, and in ironic jest, Sigourney Weaver came by near enough the basic answer, a construct of Ripley.

c) Joss Whedon for his Alien 3 script devised an idea that the new character Ripley 8 is cloned from blood samples taken from her taken on the planet Fiorina by the Doctor there.

Source Quotes

1. David Giler on the possible return of Ripley

David Giler:"If everyone loves this movie, there will be a fourth one. It's science fiction, there are nine million ways to bring Ripley back, or to do other stories" (CFQ:V22,:N6:p14)

2.  Sigourney Weaver on the return of Ripley

Starburst: "So this is finally the end of the line for Ripley?"

Sigourney Weaver  "Well, If Walter (Hill) and David (Giler) and all those guys can come up with some amazing scenario where Ripley could be reconstituted from her finger nail clippings, I'm  not saying no. It's just that how many times can the same character wake up to the same situation over and over again and win, and then go back to sleep and then have the same thing happen in the next movie." ((Starburst #170 "Sigourney Weaver: Three Times a Lady" interview Part 3)

3. How Ripley was brought back

3a) GEDIMAN: "How did we get you? Blood samples from Fiori 16. On ice. " (Alien Resurrection script)
3b)  CALL: "Christie, she's not human.  Wren cloned her because she was carrying an alien in her."  (Alien Resurrection script)

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