Silhouette of the Alien Queen

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The satellite that resembles the Alien Queen's head
An orbiting satellite around the planet Earth that discovers the frozen over island by the Antarctic, from one side resembles the silhouette of the alien queen's head. John Bruno talked about how it was meant to make you think it was the alien queen from Aliens floating out in space

i) Paul Anderson, Lance Henriksen and Paul Anderson discuss the alien queen / satellite double image

Lance HenriksenThis was great

Sanaa Lathan: This looks like it's in the ocean

Lance HenriksenI, I, I thought I didn't know what I was seeing

Sanaa Lathan: I know

Lance Henriksen:And it becomes the satellite

The Alien Queen
Paul Anderson: Yuh,

Lance Henriksen: It's just great

Sanaa Lathan: It looks like some kind of big creature

Lance Henriksen: yes it does, like the queen

Sanaa Lathan: Like some kind of space ship 

Lance Henriksen: right

Paul Anderson: It's supposed to be the alien queen and we built a, we built a satellite that when you look at it at a certain angle, looks like the queen.

Lance Henriksen: wow

Paul Anderson: and then actually, we morphed bits of the CG queen onto it to kind of like enhance the shape.  (Aliens vs Predator DVD commentary)

John Bruno (special effects): I'm going to talk about this opening shot here. We wanted to relate back to Aliens when the queen goes flying out the dock of the ship out into space. we wanted to sort of reiterate that in the opening where you think you're seeing the queen in space, but what we're seeing is a six foot miniature satellite with some animation moves in it which were added over the top. This starts out , you think it's a queen.

Tom Woodruff(?) : Now that's a different model from what you're about to reveal

John Bruno: No, it's the model

Tom Woodruff(?): Really, the same one?

John Bruno: It's just CG, we erased and tracked and made the arms open.
(Aliens vs Predator DVD commentary)

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