Alien : The Derelict's Interior

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Alien: The Derelict

a) To unravel the mysteries of the derelict, a starting point would be to know the structure of the ship's interior and we don't have defined details about it.

It might be a decision about whether to follow Ridley Scott or HR Giger's representation of the way it was constructed in terms of its operational reality.

work 376b

b) Two directions: 

b. i) Landed on an alien nest
Giger understood that the silo and the space ship were together,
He thought it was as if spaceship had landed on an ant hill and then the alien nest became the bowels of the ship.

Perhaps he had different ideas about what was going on, but to follow the viewpoint that he worked with and considering that the silo is below the ship, we might wonder if the strange mist is the volcanic gases coming through the floor of the silo being used as a continuous heating system.

(See: "Derelict Ship Infested By An Alien Insect Nest" on "Egg Silo and the Derelict" )

b. ii) As the cargo hold
Ridley Scott has stated to Starlog magazine (Sept 79, p240) that the spores were "on board the derelict
While there was an argument about whether the egg silo was part of the ship or not, he felt the need to emphasise that when the character Kane is being lowered into the egg silo, this would be the hold of the ship. 
This fitted in with his evolving concept that the derelict ship was a battlewagon.

( See: The end of the line and back to the distant past)

  1. Scott :"So he's being lowered in to the hold really, this would be argued as the hold of the ship". (Alien Thirtieth Anniversary Edition commentary )

work 376a

c) Telling the derelict apart from the landscape

The idea was that the derelict was to be seen as being from the rock of the planetoid while the silo design had always be viewed as built into the surface of the rock.

In the sketches by Giger of the entrance tunnel to the pilot's chamber (Giger's Alien, p33, images 376a-c, sketches for corridor) shows that he did not design it with the silo as the cargo hold.

The gangway leading from the entrance portals remained at the base of the ship.

work 376c
d) Derelict gangway

However the final gangway in the movie was nothing more than a man sized tunnel in comparison to the intended cavernous gangway.

The deviation from Giger's design was due to budget restrictions and Giger himself wasn't impressed with the final corridor.

the final derelict entrance tunnel that's much smaller than Giger's intended entrance tunnel

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