Alien: Discovery of the planetoid

leading from

a) Dan O'Bannon: The crew of the Nostromo, (named by O'Bannon as the Snark): The commercial mining ship Nostromo is owned wholly by it crew, a group of independent miners who have combined their personal resources in a speculative adventure of free enterprise, hoping to find mineral lodes that will repay their investments and make their fortunes. Having succeeded, they are returning to Earth when the ship's computer interrupts their voyage to inform them of a transmission of unknown origin. They are faced with a crucial decision: will they ignore the transmission or investigate. Being their own bosses they are under no outside pressure to investigate, but this is the first contact man has ever had with any intelligent non human life form, and the potential benefits to the discoverer are limitless. Being adventurers and profiteers, they land. (Dan O'Bannon's Unseen Alien, Starburst 15, p42)

The Snark in space

The Snark over the planetoid

The Snark landed on the planetoid with crew exploring.

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