Alien: The Salamander People

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Interestingly enough the idea of the Sudanese nubians had been in Ridley's mind since the time he was thinking about his film project Tristan and Iseult, a knights in armour film set in a timeless post apocalyptic future inspired by the comic book Metal Hurlant. 
The salamander people had long flicking tongues for catching insects. Later we will discover that the final Alien creature has a long tongue.

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  1. Ridley Scott:  I wanted to use these sort of characters from the Sudan, very tall, very thin, very black and very strong people.  In fact, when it came to doing Alien, the man who played the alien, a fellow named Balagi, looked exactly like that

    Fantastic Film: How did these characters fit into Tristan?

    Ridley Scott: They live in the jungle, these guys, and they've got salamander tongues. They live off insects. Imagine a seven foot guy just standing quietly in a glad. He slowly turns and .... Whap! He takes a mantis off a leaf and crunches it in his mouth. (Fantastic Film US number 12/#2, p11

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