Ash the Robot

Leading from 

Ian Holm as Ash the robot

Having the android idea
a) Giler and Hill conceive the idea,
 b) Ron's approval, c) Dan's disapproval

The Russian Spy Idea

 Development of Ash via Six Million Dollar Man?

Unleashing Human Disguised Androids
i). The Future Eve, ii). Metropolis, iii). Westworld,
iv). The Six Million Dollar Man: Day Of The Robot,
 v). The Million Dollar Man: The Return Of The Robot,
 vi). The Stepford Wives, vii). Maskatron action doll, viii).  FutureWorld

The Unraveling of Ash
i). Convulsion , ii). Response,  iii). Malevolance,
 iv). Do humanoids have sexual urges?, v). Show of Strength, vi). The Head

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