Michael Broom's "Pedator fighting an Alien/Predator hybrid in a Predator Cemetery"

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Around the time of the release of Predators following on from his artwork for the movie, Michael Broom shared a new drawing of an Predator fighting an Alien/ Predator Hybrid in a Predator Cemetery and as soon as it was finished he shared the work with the AVPGalaxy Forum.

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Pedator fighting an Alien/Predator hybrid in a Predator Cemetery" Shared with AVPGalaxy on August 1st 2010)

Michael Broom's preliminary sketch Shared with AVPGalaxy on August 1st 2010

Source quotes
  1. Michael Broom: For those interested, Here's my initial sketch..you can see how rough and loose I started, and some of the notes i made to myself before starting. Then I just scanned this image into photoshop andd started to over lay colors and textures that I liked. I really had a tonal feel and atmoshere that I was going for...I wanted the thing stepping through the fog towards the character in the foreground (Which i almost darkened and blurred to obscure him totally).(AVPGalaxy, August 1st 2010)
  2. Michael Broom:  As far as the Predator not having armor and such, i just didnt feel like drawing it.... Besides, there's nothing that i can think of that would be more intimidating than to be facing a big-ass monster with nothing but a spear. It was also kinda Inspired by all of those old Frazetta Conan images, and that dude NEVER painted clothes, haha 
  3. Michael Broom: Well, it's not supposed to be completely a Giger alien, (but it does have some elements of that)...Perhaps a hybris of three different life-forms. Sorry, Fellahs... i'm no good at following rules.. I just like to make em up and come up with cool stuff i havent seen before. (AVPGalaxy, August 1st 2010)
  4. Michael Broom:Why is it so big and have eyes though? -it's big Because I wanted it to feel imposing, and it has four eyes becuase i like lotsa eyes. (liking the concept or not is kind of a personal preference...I'd assumed it would be unpopular, there seems to be a pre-conceived notion of what a hybrid SHOULD or should not look like.) More than anything, i was trying to get an 'atmosphere' of a thing coming through the fog, and i liked the idea of a Predator cemetery.  (AVPGalaxy, August 1st 2010)

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