October 2017

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October 31st 2017
i) Added: Alien Covenant: Artwork by Matt Hatton, and this page will be expanded and broken down into an index for multiple pages featuring his work
ii) Added: Alien Covenant: Concept art by Stephane Lavallois which is an index page for various drawings by this artist

October 27th 2017
i) Added Alien: Concept Art By Elliot Scott

October 26th 2017
i) Added: Thor: Ragnorak Preliminary model for the Sakaar cityscape references Giger's Pyschedelic Landscape and Biomechanical Landscape I. Obviously I am entering a state of meglomania of some sort believing that the explorations in my blog of Giger's work are having a shift in the film industry in terms of the use of his work as inspiration, and here we are merging Giger and Kirby's ideas on screen in a way that points to something. Am I simply experiencing the syndrome where I am reading too much into this what's not really there.  It's all fun anyway!
ii) Added: Alien stage III version 2 (side) references alien life form concept for 2001: A Space Odyssey? This was an interesting one for me to find.

October 25th 2017
i) Added details about space lanes to : Alien: Locating the Nostromo. It brings me to ask questions though about what the names of these space lanes might be if they have any. For instance, is there a commercial space lane running by Zeta II Reticuli? Meanwhile the planetoid is located in the non commercial space lanes. But just because it's discussed in one script, it doesn't mean it should be a part of the universe of the final film but one might like to think so and start drawing maps of the Alien galaxy that includes such lanes.
ii) I'm acknowledging that very little has been added to this blog this month. I'm rather saddened by the fact that I'm having problems getting my feelers onto any specific fact or detail about Alien Covenant. Have I been defeated by it?

October 8th 2017
i) Added: Guillermo Del Toro: Cronos The Cronos Device but still looking for something extra

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