Peter Jackson and Alien

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a) Owning an Alien Queen
Peter Jackson as quite a collector of film memorabilia, owning such things as as the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and a suit from Robocop, also liked the film Aliens enough to have an Alien Queen in his collection

b) Passing on Alien Resurrection
He was approached to direct Alien Resurrection but passed on it because he couldn't get excited about doing an Alien film.

  1. The Telegraph:"Yet perhaps the greatest collection of movie memorabilia belongs to Lord Of The Rings director Jackson. Like del Toro, he was inspired by Forry Ackerman. But unlike del Toro his collection ranges across the entire breadth of cinematic history. Charlie Chaplin’s moustache shares space with the Star Wars chess creatures. An actual T-Rex from Jurassic Park is catalogued alongside Mary Poppins's outfit and the Von Trapp costumes from The Sound Of Music. He has Robocop, the Queen from Alien, Hal the computer’s red eye from 2001: A Space Odyssey (he encourages guests to shine their iPhones to get the full effect) and original costumes and prosthetics from Planet Of The Apes, a project he planned to remake at one point. He paid £495,415 at auction for the actual Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. On the walls of Weta Workshop, his visual effects company, face moulds of Hollywood icons like Clark Gable and Vincent Price are mounted to the wall. He even has pieces belonging to Tim Burton (Corpse Bride and Mars Attacks! figures). It’s not just movies. Jackson also has a predilection for British-made TV. He has a bona fide Dalek and original Thunderbird puppets. He even has the Slough roadside sign from the opening credits of The Office.

    From his own work: Jackson has perfectly preserved just about everything from his own movies, from his early days (the puppets from cult classic Meet The Feebles), to his biggest hits (gold coins from Smaug’s haul in The Hobbit) and his unrealised projects (full sized Lancaster bombers from his unmade Dam Busters remake).
    In December 2015, Jackson was granted approval from Wellington City Council for a $90 million project to house his collection in a museum. It might be as close to nirvana as a film fan can get.
    " (See: Guillermo del Toro's severed legs to Peter Jackson's Alien Queen: which director has the best movie swag?)
  2. Question: If 20th Century Fox asked you to direct the next ALIEN movie, would you jump at the chance? I think you would do a great job.
    Peter Jackson: I was asked to direct Alien Resurrection but I passed. I just can't get excited about doing an Alien film. (

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