Alien 5: Confusion about the return of Hicks

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A curious thing though was Blomkamp's concept art that featured Ripley with the character Hicks, the latter character had been killed at the beginning of Alien3.

Would the character be brought back into the film in some sort of way?

Back when Alien 3 came out and caused much displeasure to those who didn''t want to see the survivors of Aliens all killed off, people wondered if there was a way to discount it as a dream, perhaps in much the same way that a whole season of the TV series Dallas had been declared a dream after an important character Bobby Ewing who had been killed off one year suddenly turned up alive having a shower in the last episode of the season the following year.

Meanwhile in March, rumours spread online that Michael Biehn had been contacted about being in the new Alien movie and he was someone that Blomkamp admitted to hoping to see in his movie along with Sigourney
Ripley and Hicks (art by Geoffroy Thoorens)
Hicks (art by Geoffroy Thoorens)

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