Prometheus: HR Giger's Fifield Monster Concept

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a) Giger was able to contribute some sketches for Ridley's Prometheus project. 
Very little information has been given to indicate what these sketches were about. 
However it can be deduced after seeing the Fifield Monster artwork by Ivan Manzella that this creature was supposed to be the Fifield Monster. 
Giger produced the drawings on the 22nd of February in 2011. 
We don't know what he was asked to do or for what reason. 

Giger's Prometheus drawing no 14 depicting
the Fifield Monster from Prometheus Blu-Ray dvd set, 22nd February 2011
b) From the from of the face we see the creatures long spindly tongue inside, that it has two rows of teeth, outer row are small sharp teeth and the lower inner teeth display a row of teeth with very large sharp canines. 
The nostrils and the eyes are considerably bat like.

From the side drawing, one can see how powerful the jaw looks, that the tongue appears to be like a tentacle made up of a multitude of cones with one of the end of the other, and small sharp teeth. 
The head also looks as if it could have a membrane covering it with a gap in between it and the creature's cranium. 
From the side some might even still consider the creature to resemble a humanoid bat

Giger's Prometheus draw no 15 depicting the
Fifield Monster from Prometheus Blu-Ray dvd set, 22nd of Febrruary 2011

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