Prometheus Creature Designs

leading from

a) The Hammerpede
1) introducing the Hammerpede  2) The facehugger centipede

b) Babyhead

c) Fifield Monster
1)The Fifield Monster, 2) Ivan Manzella's Fifield Monster,  
3) H. R. Giger's Fifield Monster, 4) Alternate Fifield mutant, 
5) The final mutant Fifield, 

d) The Trilobyte
Chihuly - Chihulien - Chihulybite

e) The Ultramorph
Carlos Huante's Ultramorph

f) Giger's Alien Beast 

g) Early Neomorph references the Quatermass And The Pit apemen ghosts?

h) "Deacon Blues" and the blue Deacon

i) See also: The Gerald Scarfe and Ralph Steadman influence? 
1) Gerald Scarfe inspired WETA's alternate Fifield monster?
2) Ralph Steadman inspired the Final Fifield monster?
3) Gerald Scarfe inspired Trilobyte tongue?
4) Gerald Scarfe's Mick Jagger's influence on the Deacon?

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