Prometheus Creature Designs

leading from

a) See: The Hammerpede
a.1) introducing the Hammerpede  a.2) The facehugger centipede


c) See: Fifield Monster
c.1)The Fifield Monster, c.2) Ivan Manzella's Fifield Monster,  
c.3) H. R. Giger's Fifield Monster, c.4) Alternate Fifield mutant, 
c.5) The final mutant Fifield, 

 d) See: The Trilobyte
d.i) Chihuly - Chihulien - Chihulybite
d.ii)  Trog / Trilobyte 

e) see: The Ultramorph
e.i) Carlos Huante's Ultramorph

g) See: The Deacon


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