Prometheus: The Gerald Scarfe and Ralph Steadman influence?

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a) Once Ridley Scott mentioned that he was taking film viewers to the dark side of the moon, I wondered if this meant that we were going to encounter monsters associated with Pink Floyd which meant the movie "Pink Floyd: The Wall" released in 1982 with strange hallucinatory characters designed by illustrator Gerald Scarfe.  
b) It took me quite a while but I became almost convinced that I would find something odd relating to 1970s music culture once I noticed that the blue Deacon seemed as if it might have been named the Deacon as a sort of a homage to Steely Dan's song "Deacon Blues" because Ridley Scott's brother Tony had made a film called "Crimson Tide" which was a title that found it's origin in the song "Deacon Blues".

Gerald Scarfe

c) Since Prometheus didn't make much use of of Giger's direct input,  having ideas drifting from the world of Ralph Steadman and Gerald Scarfe seemed to be a natural direction to go since they were part of the pop culture of the 1970s.

Ralph Steadman
d) So first I decided that the sight of the WETA's alternate Fifield Monster from the unused footage on the Prometheus DVD reminded me slightly of the Teacher from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and then the fact it was rejected led them to create a design loosely inspired by something designed by Ralph Steadman whose work was often confused with Gerald Scarfe's work and I thought the drawing of one of the lizards from the Lizard Lounge in his drawings for Hunter S. Thompson's 1970s novel "Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas" drawings might have been the inspiration. Then I realised that the teeth and tongue of the trilobyte seemed oddly inspired by the teeth and tongue of the wife transforming into an hallucinatory monster in Pink Floyd's "The Wall". Once I had discovered this, it was easy to be convinced and then I suddenly wondered if the blue Deacon captured the essence of one of Gerald Scarfe's drawing of Mick Jagger.

Arthur Max

e) On November 14th, I googled Arthur Max's name to see if there was anything more about his background in the entertainments industry and it turned out that he was Pink Floyd's lighting designer during the bands' tours in the US and around the world in the early 70' and now he was production designer for Prometheus guiding and overseeing all the designs, was he the one who brought the Pink Floyd influence into the  Prometheus beasties . (see Wikipedia)

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