Prometheus: Changes to the
Space Jockey's telescope viewer

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1) The Original Space Jockey's telescope view from Alien.

The face of the telescope viewing device of the space jockey chair in Alien was not seen. The photographs shown of it were not entirely clear, showing at least one clear circular viewing device, but in Giger's Alien Diary published in 2013, photos clearly showed two medium sized circular shapes running up the centre with two smaller circles either side and at least one smaller circle above.

Original Space Jockey's telescope view from Giger's Alien Diary

closeup of original Space Jockey's telescope view from Giger's Alien Diary
2) Ben Procter's telescope viewing device
Ben Procter was required to recreate the original Space Jockey chair with various changes made to it. The panel shown above has suddenly been changed into a design that was a lot more organic with four circles either side and the impressions of ribbed piping. Perhaps the basic central details added to the centre of the thing can not be described so easily

Space Jockey's telescope viewer as designed by Ben Procter

3) The final space jockey viewing device

Glowing semi spheres have been added to the viewing device, and he touches it as if activating controls. However this humanoid in the seat is much smaller than the space jockey from the original movie to the point of being generally the size of a very tall Earth human.


  1. Nice find! I think clearly the engineer race stole or found the technology and adapted it. The rest of their civilization looks nothing like the rest of the biomechanical aesthetic but looks rather ancient Greek.

    1. Well, the relationship between the Engineers and the original Space Jockey I think might only be explainable in terms of the confusion about whether the egg silo was a cave beneath the derelict ship or the hold of the actual ship derelict ship, and the person who might be able to explain it all lives in an Escher illustration. It's all wonderfully mind numbing, and I understand people's need to separate the Engineers and the original Space Jockey as two separate races.