Georgiou Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens talks
with Joe Rogan about Prometheus

leading from 
Echoes of Prometheus

transcribed from on 27 Jun 2012)

Part 1 of Prometheus chat

Tsoukalos: I just think, I think it's funny that just like you know, one of the first alien movies or science fiction movies that in my opinion proposed the real idea, in Prometheus, if you go out there, you have to bring at least bring one archeologist. Prometheus is the first movie who has done that. In every other science fiction movie that you have, there's never an archeologist on board. You know, and to me it's like, you know are kidding me, that's the first person to go somewhere because of comparison of our past with whatever's going on at the destination planet, but instead they bring a whole bunch of yahoos with them, that you know, of course, you know it's only entertainment that you're seeing, but I think that the whole Prometheus thing, it's a... it's a beautiful movie I think, it's great entertainment too

JoeRogan: I didn't like it, it's really good to look at but I didn't like it. I , I thought there were too many hokey fucking moments in it, but I thought, it could have been an incredible movie but, it seemed like there's, it seemed like some, I would love to sit down with Ridley Scott and get high with him and go wow what happened man.

Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green
as archeologists Dr Elizabeth Shaw and Dr Charlie Holloway

Tsoukalis: Get him on the podcast

JoeRogan: Ridley Scott's not doing my fucking podcast

Tsoukalis: You'd be surprised

JoeRogan: He'd be the guy, I've got shit to do. Not Specially after I told him that I don't like Prometheus. Hey fucking punk assed bitch, that did fear factor factor shit not Prometheus but er, I love Alien, I love Gladiator, I think he's amazing, does amazing movies, but that movie, just was, it was okay, I would even see it again if it was on TV or something, I might even buy the DVD, just to watch it for a little while, but it could have been so much more. But it was er, the idea behind it, that , you know, we were engineered and created, it's so, they handled that pretty well, I thought they handled the, it was fascinating, you know, the concept behind it, though the black stuff that becomes the alien is a little bit kind of a pain in the ass

Tsoukalis: Yuh

JoeRogan: It's hard to wrap your head around, it's like they have a chart of the morphology, like how people become that thing, how that thing is created, how the alien from the first movie Alien, they've actually charted it out, like where it comes from, like this is, like when a man gets infected then gives it to a woman and creates this fucking octopus looking thing

Tsoukalis: oaaaah, okay

JoeRogan: like when the woman for pregnant,


JoeRogan: that's why, because it was a man who got infected and then he. impregnated her and then the infection takes that form so the, it produces one type of offspring, or if one of the engineers gets infected, the it produces another type of thing, you know,  it's like they've all plotted it out like at the end spoiler! spoiler! shouldn't be saying this spoilers, I shouldn't tell people, what happened, it's not a bad movie, but it's just not as good as Alien, Alien 1 is the shits, still to this day one of the greatest movies of all time

Tsoukalis: Aliens was good too

Joe Rogan: Yeah

Tsoukalis:Aliens was good, different, different but good

Joe Rogan: oh totally. very fun, but the aliens were too easy to kill, that's what pissed me off, like all of a sudden, you could kill them like that because the first one, that one Alien was super sneaky and fucked everybody up, now they're like real obvious in your face, running at you, like, come on man, like they were like masters, like the first alien was always creeping up on bitches and then jacking them, and the second ones like heghhhhhh and its running at you and you have to shotgun it. It was still a fun movie but was in my opinion, they changed the characteristics of the thing. If Aliens was, all these things were super clever and all these things were really stealthy and they moved at, that would have been an even more terrifying movie, it was really hard to kill them, but they're just out there running and you shoot 'em. It seems they've changed the whole fucking movie, you know what I'm saying

James Spader as archeologist Dr Daniel Jackson in Stargate (1994)

Tsoukalis: The advent of video games

Joe Rogan:If that's what it is, that's what it is, it became like er, Alien vs Predator. How did that happen.

Tsoukalis: Terrible. Terrible!

Joe Rogan: It's ridiculous, combining too fucking silly movies and one of them takes place in the future you fuck

Joe Rogan: Hahah

Joe Rogan: One of them takes place now, one of them takes place a fucking thousand years from now, they're all... What! Come on. Right out of here

Joe Rogan: No, I love it

Joe Rogan: In Alien Vs Predator, didn't it have some sort of an Ancient Aliens premise to it

Tsoukalis: It did, it did that er, the Predators were worshipped by the Maya

Joe Rogan: Yeah

Tsoukalis: And there was this fight going on between the Predators and the Maya, or the Aliens ever since Mayan times and the Mayans were in between, that's how they disappeared because they all got eaten up and things like that, so I mean, interesting, but a trip

Joe Rogan: Yeah, what is the best version er, what you think in the science fiction of what, in alien life is going to be, do you think it's Prometheus

Tsoukalis: Most recently yes, but then you have to ask yourself, you know, who created the engineers?

Joe Rogan: Right

Tsoukalis: Who engineered the engineers and this is why in my opinion, you can never really lose your belief in all encompassing force in the universe which I refer to as God, or actually, you know, the vice versa. You know, but other science fiction movies, that portray wonderfully was the first Total Recall or Star Gate er, the original theatrical release, Mission To Mars, all those movies were wonderful Ancient Alien type movies that described the ancient alien theory very nicely, not necessarily to the, you know, in Star Gate's accurately because in my opinion, I don't think we were ever a slave species for example as so many other ancient alien theorists subscribe to

Joe Rogan: That's Sitchin as well right

Tsoukalis: Yeah, yeah, and that always, and he knows as I've told him this when he was still alive that I actually disagreed with him, you know what

Joe Rogan: Damned, you disagreed with Sitchin

Tsoukalis: Of course,

Joe Rogan: Woah

Tsoukalis: But the thing is, it doesn't matter

Joe Rogan: Very cocky

Tsoukalis: It doesn't matter because in the end, the theory itself that we were visited remains the same

Joe Rogan: right

Tsoukalis: Whether we are slave species or not, and I chose to think that we're not, it's irrelevant

Joe Rogan: why do you believe that? Why do you make that distinction?

Tsoukalos: Because, he proposed that we were created as worker bees to mine gold for the Annunaki who needed gold for their atmosphere on their home planet. Michiu Kaku has proposed or calculated that er, there is the same amount of gold on any body found in the universe so to suggest that they had to come specifically here to find gold logically speaking doesn't make much sense

Joe Rogan:So he's saying that gold exists on Saturn, gold exists on Neptune

Tsoukalos: Every single planetary body in all the galaxy

Joe Rogan:The same amount of gold

Tsoukalos: Yes, because it all expanded from the big bang, it all was distributed evenly

Joe Rogan:What about gas planets, gas giants

Tsoukalos: I, you know, you would have to ask Kakhu for this but the whole idea that solid objects contained the same amount of gold, he proposed that aliens wouldn't have to come here, if they wanted to mine gold.

Joe Rogan:Well maybe,

Tsoukalos: Well that

Joe Rogan: maybe it's both, maybe they came here to engineer people but they also need gold, so they engineer people to make gold, but it's both, it's not just, it's like a dual project

Tsoukalos: Sure

Joe Rogan: It's not just an evolutionary project

Tsoukalos: yeah, that's an interesting er, er you know approach to looking at it, however, you know, the whole slave species thing, it feeds into this current belief that we are beholden to someone else, that we are not in control of our lives, that we and our governments are ruled by aliens and there's reptilians and all that bullshit that er, you know, people really think that they are no longer in charge of their own lives, that everything is, you know, er , planned and overlooked by our alien overlords and that to me, you know, even to a guy like me, that is too fucking far out and come one, just go back, come back to reality, put your feet on the ground and try to differentiate between what's actually feasible and something that you know if science fiction.

Part 2 of Prometheus chat after chat about human's treatment of dolphins and apes

Joe Rogan: I would love it if it were true where it got to a point where these super intelligent so far advanced from us would look at us and go, ah you guys, you guys are pretty cool, we're not going to fuck with you, you know when we come , we're not going to make you

Tsoukalos: We're going to let you figure it out

Joe Rogan: And we're not going to er, we're not going to exploit you the way you do and every other form of life does on this planet. I think that was one thing that Prometheus got that I thought was pretty probably dead on that was the disdain that the engineers would have for humans

Tsoukalos: After what happened, how we turned out

Joe Rogan: The same way we would if we went to the fucking jungle and there was a tribe of chimps that had created electricity and they were shooting lightning bolts at each other and 'we would'/'people' (?), like "bitch, what the fuck are you doing", we would completely take it away from them, and if we were going to change them and fix them, we would have no problem with that

Tsoukalos:  well hence, that's why we have stories of UFOs disabling nuclear plants

Joe Rogan: Hence that's why we have planet of the apes, we would take a chimp and make it super intelligent and it gets fucking really pissed at us, but we'd do it

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