Max Headroom as a running theme ?

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a) Arthur Max's team designed the mysterious chamber known at some point as "The Ampule Room" and also as "Steve Messing" was able to mention, "The Head Room". One might take the "Head Room" and Arthur Max's surname, connect them together and get "Max Head Room" and wonder what sort of a connection Arthur Max might have felt towards this semi-computer generated character. Numerous people were making the connection with Max Headroom seeing the head dominating the room since Max Headroom was such a popular character.

b) By 14th November 2013, on Facebook, I noticed that a certain Tracey B came to ask without this knowledge why David the android in Prometheus looked remarkably like Max Headroom.

c) I took another look at Arthur Max's background and found that back in June 1st 2012, Brendon Connelly of was able to trace Ridley Scott and Arthur Max's first meeting to when they made a Max Headroom Coca Cola commercial in the mid eighties. On his page he has a link to the commercial

Arthur Max,  Production designer of Prometheus

source quotes
  1. Arthur Max : My relationship with Ridley is one that began about 27 years ago, working on a commercial in London and it set the tone for our way of working together. It was probably the only other science fiction project I’ve done in my whole career. It was for Coca Cola and set in a dystopic future. I had to create a universe on location, a dark vision of a city, with vehicles. On that project I began to learn how he works and what his priorities were and very much the same sort of ideas have continued through every project we’ve worked on since. Ideas of how to use the light, and he’s particularly interested in the camera. He’s a painter and so he’s interested in composition. Then he likes to operate the camera himself so he likes to consider how he’s going to move it through the set. All of these elements have remained unchanged throughout our working relationship, no matter what the genre. (Arthur Max to Brendon Connelly., June 1st 2012)

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