"Alien Apocalypse" influence on Prometheus?

a.i) A star map appears to lead homeworld of the space jockeys, aboard a derelict spacecraft found in space, an elaborate chart showing a fantastically detailed description of the Space Jockey's journey is found.

a.ii) Starmap motifs scattered through Earth's history

In Prometheus, a star configuration turns up time after time after time in various pieces of ancient artwork such as tablets, cave drawings, etc.

In Prometheus, a  reoccurring star system pattern is found on various ancient
tablets and the wall of a cave
b) Body Pile
b.i) Pile of Space jockey bodies in the corridor

Piles of bodies of multitudes of space jockeys have all be found dead with their bodies bursted open, in a corridor because of the alien life form released in the biomechanic environment.

b.ii) A pile of damaged empty Engineer flight suits in a corridor
In Prometheus, a pile of empty Engineer flight suits are discovered in a corridor, many appear to be ripped open from the inside, assumed to be what remains of a group of dead Engineers.

c) Hibernation crypt
c.i) Discovery of a still living Space Jockey

Discovery of Space Jockey found alive in "catatonic suspension" sitting in a pod while his fellow space jockeys found around the ship in similar devices have long since perished because of the Alien life form.

The creature has an abundance of pipes leading from the surrounding machinery into its body.


c.ii) Discovery of a still living engineer
Discovery of Engineer found alive in a hibernation capsule while his fellow engineers, many in the dome and some in hibernation capsules, have all long ago perished from a biological weapon that got out of control.

This Engineer had outlasted the biological weapon outbreak until unfortunately a group of humans who woke him up and at the same time unleashed the biological weapon again that's contained within the dome. 
Found in his pod, the humanoid has an abundance of pipes leading into his body from the surrounding machinery.

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