March 2013

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30th March 2013
A slight update to the section dealing with the ancestry of James Cameron's Alien Queen design through Giger's art and 19th Century Symbolist art is now take back to pre-ancient Australian cave art. Giger's Alien Monster IV

17th March 2013
I've been developing the page discussing the term DNA being bandied around in the publicity for Prometheus. Alien Explorations: Alien DNA. Alien Prequel Becomes Prometheus

15th March 2013
Origins Of Carlos Huantes' Babyhead

11th March 2013
Carlos Huante just recently released a video featuring his Prometheus artwork and also some notes he made to do with the film, at the end, I've done my best to transcribe the notes and also add images of various things from nature that he talks about in relation to visual ideas for the film. Carlos Huantes Prometheus Notes

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