Alien: Obvious kit sprue

leading from
Alien: Nostromo

  1. Bill Pearson: A lot of insert shots were shot at the end where everyone says," Hey! Isn't that a load of kit bits and sprues?" This is the scene where Ripley ejects the Alien from the Narcissus, and there is a closeup of buttons being pushed on a control panel.

    One of the model makers who will remain nameless to save his blushed was standing by on the stage that evening when it was being shot. He was asked to dress around the buttons to apply some interesting detail on the panel

    Unfortunately the guy was not a wiggeter, but he didn't want to say no. He picked up some very obvious kit sprue, sprayed it silver and stuck it on. When I walked in the next day, I said, "what the hell is that?" I was told it was a case of you wouldn't see it on the screen, I still cringe about it now.
    (Sci-Fi  Fantasy Models #48, p28)

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