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19th May 2013
Holographic Universe Theme In Prometheus? Well it's a reoccurring subjective question of subjective importance. But maybe it is an unspoken theme. And where else does one go with it, perhaps look at the ideas of quantum mechanics to see if one can use them to answer the many questions that don't seem to have any grounds to be asked on.

17th May 2013
I thought I'd share this to give another example of the Gerald Scarfe influence that seems to have wound up in Prometheus. You might almost think that this drawing of Mick Jagger looked a little bit like it was about to transform into the Deacon. Something like Gerald Scarfe's Mick Jagger

16th May 2013
1) Another small detail, and this is for the evolution of the Predalien for AVP:R. The likelihood that Marvel's Iron Spider inspired the idea of putting prehensile backspines with claws on the back of the Predalien in Broom's concepts before they decided not to go with that idea. Iron Spider Inspiration for Predalien
2) More Moebius concept sketches for the derelict, reinterpretations of Chris Foss' sketches have come to the surface, thanks to the Quenched Consciousness Blog. Moebius Concept Sketch For Alien

13th May 2013

10th May 2013
"Fear and Loathing in LV223". An attempt to uncover the unrevealed inspirations behind the movie Prometheus. If you see the colour version Ralph Steadman's Lizard Lounge illustration for the Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas book which appears on the front of the Gonzo Art book, this might make sense. Did Ralph Steadman Inspire Final Fifield 

7th May 2013
Another possible inspiration from Pink Floyd's The Wall? Trilobyte tongue inspired by Gerald Scarfe

5th May 2013
Taking a look at professional concept artists for movies being inspired by Alien . Tim Burgard when he did concept design for Superman Lives deliberately started Alien-ifying the creature concepts for the Thanagarian Snare Beast back in 1996. The image of the head sketches came out in Scifi-Now magazine the other dayTim Burgard: Superman Lives

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