Prometheus: The 'space jockey as a suit' question

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a) Over time, the idea of creatures disguised within the skin other life forms evolved through cinema
and somewhere in the 1990s it got into Ridley Scott's mind that the space jockey could be a suit with something else inside.
See: Prometheus: Aliens in suits that look like aliens

b) Paul Schrader's Cat people remake presented the remains of a human body when a were-panther is cut open.
See Cat People (1982) 

c) The Thing presented an alien life form replicating the forms of other life forms and hiding within.  See: The Thing (1982) (Still to come)

d) The reptilian visitors disguised as humans in V.
See: V's Visitors with reptilian faces behind human masks (1983)

e) Cocoon revealed glowing extra-terrestrials disguise as humans.  
See: Cocoon (1985)

e) The visitors from "Communion" who appeared to be the large triangular face with large slanting black almond eyes contained revealed another life form beneath with a dark face and a snout.  
See: Communion (1989)

f) "Fire in the Sky" decided to make these outer bodies of aliens to be hard space suits for the creatures with another alien being inside who could discard the suit.  
See: Just like "Fire in the Sky" (1993)

g) The alien beings in "Independence Day" were presented a biomechanoid aliens with smaller grey like alien life forms wearing these outerbodies as suits.
See: Biomechanical suits from Independence Day (1996)

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