February 2014

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Friday February 28th 2014
a) Further work on Zechariah Sitchin's quite possibly mistaken theory about an mural in an Egyptian tomb depicting a space rocket. Zecharia Sitchin's Space Rocket
b) Added Zecharia Sitchin's name to the People Index
c) Added a part about the cylinder seal catalogued as VA/423  in the  State Museum in East Berlin catalogued to Ancient Sumerian engineer star map with the view of expanding it further

Thursday February 27th 2014
added a section about Zechariah Sitchin's quite possibly mistaken theory about an mural in an Egyptian tomb depicting a space rocket. Zecharih Sitchin's Space Rocket

Sunday February 23rd 2014
a) Added Dan O'Bannon statement about Giger being able to paint Pickman's Model if he chose to, from Mediascene 35, p19 to Dune and the gathering
b) Added additional statement from Walter Simonson in Organic box like thing 
from Ancient Astronaut Special Edition Star Wars vs Alien, fall 1979.

Saturday February 22nd 2014
c) Added a section for H R Giger connecting from the People Index

Wednesday February 19th 2014
a) Added monologue from Mayan Rocket Man section from Chariot of the Gods documentary.
b) Added the fact that Matthieu Kassovitz was considered for Alien Resurrection even if it was brief.

Tuesday February 18th 2014
Created a page for Von Daniken concepts in Alien vs Predator first adding a question and answer the now closed AvP Xtreme Desktop website retrieved from www.avpgalaxy.net.

Monday February 17th 2014
Added section on Carl Sagan's response to Alien.

Sunday February 16th 2014
a) Trying to sort out the sections dealing with Eric Von Däniken and related ideas because it was just a group of half formed statements chucked together hoping that I'll come back to it later and give it some clarity. So the page for Pakal Votan leading from the People index has been turned into a list of links, and Jade Sky which is a name of another Mayan ruler who had his own relief with a rocket ship like structure  has been given his own page from the people Index, and Carl Sagan has been given his own page as well which is where I'll post links to pages on the sight relating o him. The sections dealing with Erich von Däniken have been broken down tidied up into sections as well, and summaries have been written for the Ron Story's attack on Von Daniken's Mayan Rocket Man idea. The whole matter is very very convoluted because this whole matter is about a mass of blurred perceptions and those who are inspired by them, are trying to attack them or a bit of both
b) Transcribed Mayan Rocket Man segment from "The case of Ancient Astronauts" program from 1977 found on Youtube.

Saturday February 15th 2014
1) Added a page for links related to the subject Pakal Votan that links from the People Index
2) Added information from Empire magazine November 2009 to Lance Henriksen's statement about the confusion over the Bishop 2 scene to Haven't Clue About Bishop 2

Thursday February 13th 2014
Added information from "Alien: The Special Effects", to Landscape With Alien Astronaut Corpse

Sunday February 9th 2014
a) Wrote the synopsis for The Space Jockey's Remains
b) Updated Creating The Nostromo with information by Martin Bowers such as recounting the moment that they used the engine towers for additional thrusters on the back of the Nostromo.

Friday February 7th 2014
a) Have broken the section about Early Development of the Alien Script into two so that the part about Selling The Script has it's own section.
b) Fleshed out the section Alien the title on the moment of the naming of the Alien film with information from Ron Shusett from the interview with for Alien Evolution

Thursday February 6th 2014
a) Dating first references to the "box" by Dan O'Bannon and Walter Simonson in Organic box like thing
b) Adding a sketch by myself to explore how Giger adapted the drawing of the Henu Barque to become the Space Jockey to Evolution of  Space Jockey from Egyptian book of the Dead

Wednesday February 5th 2014
a) Added information from interview for DixiemePlanete #31 about transparency problems with the Alen suit to Sculpting  The Alien Costume
b) Added information from interview for DixiemePlanete #31 about Francis Bacon painting inspiring earlier version of the Chestburster to the source quotes in The Chestburster but unfortunately the references in the information are so stray as to appear meaningless. 
c) Added information from Cinefex #1 / Alien: The Special Effects about Ridley Scott's intended idea for the egg silo placenta wall and how he replaced it with a sheet of light from laser beam to The Laser Placenta

Saturday February 1st 2014
a) This is about the scene where Fifield in Prometheus is found folded up with his legs hideously bent and Ridley's past ideas that led to it. I briefly mentioned my assumption about how it was inspired by the alien as a box scene as seen in the Alien the Illustrated Story in the discussion at AVPGalaxy and so since the blog Strangeshapes has written a summary of that discussion , I thought I had better express my point of view further on my blog. Fifield found rolled up
b) I've now added information about what Walter Simonson thought he was seeing in the box alien scene because he just answered a question on his Facebook page for his Alien Graphic novel to Organic box like thing since he answered a question on Facebook about it.

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