March 2014

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Monday March 31st 2014
Added quotes from Cinefantastique podcast about Prometheus that shows the reviewers not having a clue that the planet in the film was not the same one as in Alien to Star Map Invitations and Mysteries of Planetoid Numbers

Sunday March 30th 2014
Added information from Terry Rawling interview from Starlog, February 1986 to Human to Spores section where he talks about the reasoning behind their decision to removal of the cocooning sequence

Saturday March 8th 2014

Friday March 7th 2014
a) Transcribed and translated interview with H R Giger from June 2012  for Blick
b) Created a section for H R Giger interviews to be linked to

Saturday March 1st 2014
Added additional quote by Dan O'Bannon  from Reel Terror about his knowledge of the movie "Planet of the Vampires" to Space Jockey's origins in Swiss Family Robinson

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