Alien 3: Giger's Super Face-Hugger

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a) As part of the new Alien creature's life cycle Giger also created a "Super" Facehugger, which was based on his old Facehugger design.

This new creature evolved from one of the first scripts that had the creature swimming.
He would draw webbing in between the fingers and also webbing along the fingers instead in another version, enabling it to swim. 

It would be as if the creature had some ability to transform so as to adapt to the local environment.
In his drawings, we would see how it was supposed to be big enough to wrap itself around the muzzle of the ox before impanting

Drawing for Alien III , (drawing 106) Facehugger Oxen

  1. HR Giger: I also created a 'Super' Facehugger which is based on an old design. One of the first scripts had it swimming, so I visualised how it would move: the fingers would retract, so that it would crawl just under the water's surface. (Aliens  (comic book magazine) #12, June 1993 , "The Giger Sanction" transcribed article to be found at

b) Aquatic Facehugger

In drawing 100 to 104 we see a study for the Super Face-hugger in the act of swimming, with webbing along the fingers.

Alien 3, Facehugger Aquatic (1990). Drawing by HR Giger for Alien 3

Drawing for Alien III, (drawing 101) , Facehugger swimming Détail. Drawing by HR Giger for Alien 3

Drawing for Alien III, (drawing 102) Facehugger swimming. Drawing by HR Giger for Alien 3

Face-hugger Swimming (drawing 100) 22nd August 1990. Drawing by HR Giger for Alien 3


  1. The Giger interview that quote was taken was featured in one of the UK Aliens comics. Don't have access to them right now so can't tell you, which issue.

  2. Thanks, I've got that comic somewhere and maybe I will find it in good time

  3. Now I've tracked the cover down online