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Saturday 31st January 2015
1) Wrote my summary of the exploration of Giger's derelict exterior as a preface for the Index in The Design of Giger's Derelict
2) Information about how Ridley Scott first started with the derelict by taking an idea from Giger's Necronomicon has been absorbed into "Giger has the derelict idea" , however a new point of confusion comes out of the report that Giger came up with a derelict ship design that looked too much like a saxaphone and the question might arise about when he came up with this illustration and if it might be present in a sketch but not easy to work out.
3) Added image of Brian Johnson's head split in two revealing an Escher optical illusion drawing to Escher optical illusions etched on the mind of Brian Johnston 

Friday 30th January 2015
1) Okay, this might actually be the origin of the derelict's hammer head, finally. This was-sceptre discovered in 1895 in Ombos, shown here on display at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Influence of was-sceptre on design of the tip of the derelict's engine
2) Added quote from Scifi entertainment, Feb 1996, p41 to Dan The Script Surgeon
3) Broke down The Design of Giger's Derelict into separate pages leading from the page 

Tuesday 27th January 2015
Added comments by Ron Cobb from Mediascene #35 to Ron Cobb's design philosophy and continued to work on this page in general

Saturday 24th January 2015
The page "Starting to Construct the Nostromo exterior" has been removed and the contents broken up into separate pages or integrated with other pages linked to Creating The Nostromo.
(NB What I'd like to say is that to the degree I've wanted to present about the creation of the Nostromo has been a blurred fragmented clueless mess and I'm overjoyed to think that I've managed to successfully break the information down into pages helping to connect the stray bits of information to a greater degree or at least give them some kind of context in terms of the bigger picture and this work of course continues. )

Friday 23rd January 2015
1) Updated Confusion about number of Nostromo's shuttles using information from Bill Pearson's article in the "From Script to Screen"  book
2) Added Four foot long Nostromo based on a comment from Simon Deering in the "Alien Makers" and the knowledge that Jon Sorensen worked on the four foot version 

Thursday 22nd January 2015
1) Updated The Alien Derelict as the Ancient Egyptian God Ra's Barge of a Million Years?
with some information about the mythos of the Ancient Egyptian concept
2) Eternally updating, rearranging and altering Initial construction of the Nostromo. 
(NB At the moment as I research this, I am looking for information about the front section of the Nostromo that was created and find a blurring in what is being said, do they mean the front section of the Nostromo lander or do they mean that the Nostromo is both the tug and the refinery and so the tug is simply the front section. And then there is talk about a small model that was built and shown to Ridley while Bill Pearson built a small model as a rough and it was Brian Johnson approved of it, were they the same model?)

Wednesday 21st January 2015
1) Added Nostromo's Windows Into The Engine Room based on Bill Pearson's article in the "From Script to Screen"  book 2) Updated New Engine Room Miniature, Construction of the Nostromo exterior, Adding a new cockpit, with sections from Bill Pearson's writeup of the construction of the Nostromo in "From Script to Screen

Monday 19th January 2015
Added The Alien Derelict as the Ancient Egyptian God Ra's Barge of a Million Years?

Sunday 18th January 2015
1) Added section from the AMC Prometheus Q&A with Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof to Lindelof's response to Spaihts script detailing what Ridley had asked Lindelof to do in terms of Spaihts script, although it's not really certain when and where Ridley did talk to Lindelof about this.
2) Updated, The coming of Bill Pearson, Initial Construction of the Nostromo, and Nostromo with Close Encounters Of Third Kind mothership lighting with sections from Bill Pearson's writeup of the construction of the Nostromo in "From Script to Screen". 

Saturday 17th January 2015
An attempt to compare similarities between elements of the story for "Doctor Who and The Cybermen" with "Prometheus". I admit this article is rather rough and perhaps their similarities are somewhat blurredly represented by me and then the complexities of it all could spin off into very dimly lit god knows where places, it has been giving me a headache today and perhaps the similarities of the hammerpede head and the hieroglyph of the scarab with its wings outstretched begins to make me ask questions. Echoes of Doctor Who and The Tomb of The Cybermen in Prometheus.

Sunday 11th January 2015
Rather than expanding "The Script That Ridley Wanted", it was merged with "Dan The Script Surgeon" since they were dealing with the same subject and this page remained with the latter title since it was the better of the two.

Saturday 10th January 2015
1) A page about "The Realism of Giler and Hill's earlier drafts" of the Alien scripts been turned into three pages now: (i) Hercules, Genghis Kahan and Attila the Hun vs Jack the Ripper script? (ii)  The Cylinder script (iii) "The script that Ridley wanted" and the latter page will soon be expanded to mention how Dan O'Bannon put something near to his old script back together again which have all been linked to the section Pre-Production.
2) The page about Ron Cobb's concept sketches became renamed as Ron Cobb's Derelict ship concepts however the information about the The Cylinder script scenario on that page has been seperated and merged with some of the information about the bunker from the page formerly known as "The Realism of Giler and Hill's earlier drafts"

Friday 9th January 2015
1) Added Possibilities of merging universes of Alien and Blade Runner. This is just a page about the Ridley had thoughts about adding references to Blade Runner to Prometheus and Charles De Lauzirika added an "Easter Egg" inspired by this fascination about merging the two and on a least a couple of occasions he's had to inform people that it's only a light hearted joke. So if I have to be told about this 'Easter Egg" being evidence that Alien and Blade Runner take place in the same universe, I have something at hand to show them.
2) Created a page for scaraboid multiple eyes of horus/ wedjat/ udjats seperate from simply the multiple eyes of horus/ wedjats/ udjats, the latter which now I have discovered come in threes and sometimes nines
3) Added Henu Barque on dress of sculpture of unidentified high ranking woman

Thursday 8th January 2015
1) Added Trails of inspirations for the derelict ship as a list for various works that Dan O'Bannon is either known to or likely to have read or seen which feature the idea of a derelict ship

Monday 5th January 2015
1) Added "Mystery derelict found at sea" in "Call of the Cthulhu".  A possible sign of where Dan O'Bannon had been drawing inspiration from to write about the discovery of a derelict vessel where the crew ran into something rather troubling.
2) Added Candidate for a Giger Cthulhu , about whether there's a remnant of a Cthulhu painted by Giger in his painting of the Egg Silo, and what there would be to compare it with.
3) Added Chris Nolan on Alien and Blade Runner

Sunday 4th January 2015
Added Conception of the Cybermen of Doctor Who. Well, this is straying from Alien here again, but I seem to find it important to explore the background of the Cybermen from Doctor Who to look at some of the grounds of science fiction thinking which had led to the formations of films such as Alien and I've covered the basics of their conception here and will add to it more eventually if I can find out any more decent information. I think these characters might have caught the imagination of HR Giger for at least for a while with his interest in biomechanoids. The inventor of the Cybermen who was Kit Pedler was an interesting person with a scientific background who found himself concerned about the future of humans and their machinery, and well as we many of us may have noticed, ideas from one of the stories seems to have wormed its way into Prometheus.

Thursday 1st January 2015  
1) Updated Life cycle of the alien with information based on thoughts from Ridley Scott about the alien transforming into a chrysalis and returning to the form of an egg.
2) Updated Organic box like thing with a mention by Ridley Scott about the intended scene with Bodaji dressed as the alien suspended in the air attempting to unfold like a bird from an egg
3) Added Ivory label of pharaoh Semerkhet which shows a very early depiction of a Sokar Funerary Barque/Henu Barque
4) Added Early depiction of Sokar Funerary barque on a djet comb

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