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Thursday 30th April 2015
1) Updated Alternate Fifield Mutant with information fro m "The Art of Film Magic, 20 Years of Weta". Unfortunately it doesn't give any feeling still that there was some deep dark concept behind it that one would expect within the Alien production that might unveil something new decades later.
2) Updated The Derelict's Interior slightly, basically making that jump there in the attempt to understand the derelict's interior that despite what it looked like in the Alien edition of Cinefantastique, with Giger thinking about the derelict and the silo's relationship and how it was like the spaceship landing on an ant hill and the ants have eaten their way through it eating their way through the ship and then in another thought, it's insects again but as with termites in the walls of a house, it was perhaps merely a way for him to explain what was going on and it could easily change just to fit what he was working on in the movie rather than anything particularly definite. Perhaps there is a cloud over the whole issue of really expecting Giger to have had a full explanation of what was going on because it was a case of making something out of ideas thrown together due to lack of time and budget rather than anything such as something as a sacred mystery, but seeing the way that ideas can occur and the need to explain things as seen in films, it takes on a life of its own but it was beyond Giger to have the full story. You can not really say why the alien nest had the same architecture as the derelict ship but that was Giger's style of art and if Giger hadn't been asked to design the derelict ship and its pilot by Ridley Scott and the producers, this question  about the relationship between the silo and the ship would never have been asked, and then you can not expect the fans of the film to not want to think about it and whatever else it could lead to. 

Sunday 26th April 2015
1) Added ' Did Francisco Goya's "Subir y bajar" inspire Salvador Dali's  "Soft Construction With Boiled Beans (Premonition of civil war) ?' and this in turn was Giger's introduction to the world of Salvador Dali's paintings.
2) Added Inspiration from Dali for Necronom V 

Wednesday 22nd April 2015
Added Giger's Landschaft XXXI (work 273)

Tuesday 21st April 2015
Added a page Aztec architecture influenced by alien Predators to offer comparison between Predator 2 ship interior patterns and Aztec sculptural patterns as realised by Paul Anderson when he made Alien vs Predator. To some extent it might all seem silly but still it was an idea that Paul Anderson was having.

Sunday 19th April 2015
1) I have taken down the pages showing separated stills from Charles Lippincott's Alien contact photosheets since he mentioned his concern about this happening.
2) Removed all of Alien contact sheets shared by Charles Lippincott. I hope that he manages to release a decent book full of these images.

Saturday 18th April 2015
1) Added exploration of HR Giger's painting Biomechanical Landscape (work 413) (1979)
2) Added two other images to Gigers Alien I Facehugger Version IV of what seem to be Giger's Alien Facehugger triptych which seems to have slight alterations made that haven't been pointed out by anyone before.

Friday 17th April 2015
1) Did some exploring of the Giger painting National Park from 1975. This was a painting that inspired Ridley Scott with ideas for a couple of storyboard images. However I can't claim to have found anything specific other thank just taken note of various details, and some time ago I had the realisation that the painting may have been inspired by the painter known as  Dado whose work Giger greatly admired

Wednesday 15th April 2015
1) Added a link page for articles dealing with Roger Dicken linked from the name page
2) Added images of Ridley Scott "ridleygramming" at Roger Dicken's house to Ridleygrams
3) Added other early Roger Dicken chestburster maquette images to After A New Chestburster Design

Saturday 11th April 2015
1) Updated Alien: Inspiration from Shivers with a quote from Collider and at present, it does seem like a confusing argument. If Dan O'Bannon had seen Shivers and found inspiration from it, there are other sources for inspiration.
2) Added Alien: Inspired by Philip José Farmer's "Strange Relations"?. looking at the idea for the purpose of the facehugger came this story.  (I included the subject a few years ago but it somehow got lost from the blog.)
Friday 10th April 2015
1) Created a page to link up everything to do with Bolaji Badejo 
2) Further editing of Bolaji Badejo from the Gold Coast

Thursday 9th April 2015
1) Updated Bolaji Badejo from the Gold Coast with information from Neon magazine that just gives a further picture of the moment when Ridley first met Bolaji from Gordon Carroll's point of view.
2) Added  Moebius' concept art for Nostromo crew's space suits and outfits
3) Re-Edited Jean Giraud/ Moebius

Wednesday 8th April 2015
Continuing to re-edit Giger's Passage Temple Entrance (1975)Biomechanisation of the Fisher Price Cot Activity Centre ?

Saturday 4th April 2015
1) Updated  J G Ballard on Alien with information about how he was writing the novel Hello America at the time of the production of Alien
2) Added possible inspiration behind Giger's Passage Temple Entrance (1975)Biomechanisation of theFisher Price Cot Activity Centre ?

Friday 3rd April 2015
Added interpretation of Giger's Mordor iv work 280, (1975)

Thursday 2nd April 2015
1) Added more to  Alien: Sigourney Weaver cast as Ripley with details from the Alien Saga documentary.
2) Added details to Alien:Bolaji Badejo from Gold Coast from the Alien Saga documentary
3) Added details to Alien: Designing the derelict ship exterior from a 1979 Alien featurette on the Alien Saga DVD.

Wednesday 1st April 2015
1) Added more to Sigourney Weaver cast as Ripley with details from Danny Peary interview with her in Omni: Screen flights/ Screen Fantasies and Photoplay
2)  Added information from Danny Peary interview with Sigourney Weaver in Omni: Screen flights/ Screen Fantasies about how Sigourney Weaver would liked to have played Lambert to Veronica Cartwright cast as Lambert

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